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Monday, November 2, 2009

Sweet PR today

Hit a nice rep PR in the deadlift today.
Warmed up with Power Snatches and Overhead squats

395 x 5
415 x 3
460 x 5 *PR

Bulg Split Squat
95 x 8/8 x 3
Bodyweight row on rings
+40lbs x 8 x 3

Played around with some one arm snatches and windmills with 95, 115, and 135. Which after all that was probably not a good idea but I managed to nail a 1 arm snatch with 135 and then grab a 32kg bell 2 hands anyhow style.

Finished with a smoker and then heavy bag
1:00 battling ropes
10 burpees
5 rounds

Deadlifts felt so money, I will hit triple bodyweight this year.

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