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Friday, January 30, 2009

Busy and training update

Right to business:
Presses weren't going well so I hit a few 32kg BU Presses
Double Swing: 2x48's x 5 reps to prep for...
Double High Pull/Snatch: 2x40's x 2 snatches+8 high pulls x 3 sets

Renegade row with feet elevated: 48kg+chains x 4/4
Farmers walk to the death + Ab wheel.
Heavy bag work 7 hours later: 4 x 3 min skill rounds, 4x3 minutes power punching
10 x :15 work/:40 rest punch out drill

Lifted stones. Big F***in stones. In a quarry. Loaded a 300+lb granite clam shell shaped stone that tore the hell out of my forearms. The manliness that ensued was indescribable. A few lift and carries as well. 10/10

"KB yoga" goblet squat, cassock, hindu pushup, windmill, armbar. Kept the weight super light.
BJJ for an hour and a half.
At jiu jitsu something amazing happened; Brad a 250lb black belt caught me in an armbar, but before he could finish the move, I lifted him over my head, just like loading an atlas stone. The surprise in his eyes will be looking back at me in my dreams. It was a great feeling and it tells me that maybe something I'm doing might actually be practical.
Heavy bag drills 7 hours later:
6x3 minute skill practice (kicks and punches)
3x3 minute power punching
10 rounds of:
50 straight punches, as fast as possible
10 dragon twists

The combination of dragon twisting and straight punches really helped me use the power from my legs in my punching. I will experiment more with strength drills+heavy bag.
9/10 for friday.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Play the cards life deals you the best you can:

Hurt my foot at muay thai on friday (didn't do any walking/training this weekend) so I used this as an opportunity to do some things I'm not used to--skipping grappling tonight, ready to go again on wednesday.

Deadlift: 365x5x4
Walking see-saw press: 28kg x 8/8 x 4

TGU+armbar+windmill: 28kg x 1/1 x 2

Zercher Squat (deadlifted from floor):
242 x 5
292 x 5
312 x 5

Heavy Bag: 8 x 3 minute rounds with 30 seconds rest between (punches and left kicks only-not risking my right foot)

Never gone that heavy on zercher squats before, felt pretty strong. I attribute it to all the heavy double racked pistols, very similar groove.
9/10 for the zerchers mostly.

Friday, January 23, 2009

More training:

Thursday: 24kg KB juggling, a lot of hand to hand and some fig 8's.

Friday: Goblet squats, windmills, "KB Yoga"
BJJ for 1hr-rolled with a 230lb guy who usually stomps me and he told me I felt strong; and I did, felt awesome and I kept good control.

Off to muay thai for another 1.5hrs.

Train hard, fight easy.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Training and agony

First, the agony

40kg Press + TGU x 1/1 x 3
Double swing: double 48's+40lbs of chains: x 6, 10, 10, 10 reps

40kg windmill x 2/2

Pistol: 40kg held in rack x 3/3 x 2, 1/1
BU Cleans: 48kg x 2/2 x 3
BUP: 40kg 1/1 *PR for my left hand (used a gripper in opposite hand per usual)

Renegade row: 48kg+chains x 5/5
Immediately followed by plyo pushups

Farmers walk with same kb's superset with burpees to let grip recover.

Muay Thai later

Monday, January 19, 2009

A deadlift-Finally!

Started the day like this:
Power snatch
60kg x 3
70kg x 1 x 3
Power Clean+Jerk
100kg x 2
110 x 1 x 2
Failed at 110 for a few reps, which was annoying so I decided to do a few zercher squats when I missed the clean.

352 x 5 x 3, Don't laugh, this is the first time I have touched anything over 300lbs since August of 2008.

Handstand Pushups and Pullups to finish.
GTG pistols all day
7/10 for the day

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Marine RKC and Tire Insanity

Had a blast assisting at the RKC at Pendleton marine base. Did some juggling with the 48kg which was a first. I also Bottoms-up cleaned the beast for about 10 seconds, and believe me, I tried to press it, I really did, but it didn't want to be pressed that day.

That was Thursday-Friday.

20lb sledge, check
20lb weight vest, check
500lb tire, check

Set the gymboss for :45 work/ :30 rest and 25 rounds.
I proceeded to alternate between tire flips, burpees, sledge strikes, and any combination to continue to allow me to keep working.

I really just needed an angry, all-out training session today.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pulls and Strikes

It should make sense, that on a day where you are going to be doing a lot of striking (push) that your training for that day should be more pulling than pushing. A lot of athletes will bench heavy, overhead press heavy, and then wonder why they can't punch later. Keep it simple, and have purpose in what you're doing. If you're going to roll jiu-jitsu (a lot of pulling) maybe do more pushing in your training session. Everyone is different, of course, and some people can handle more than others in that respect (recovery, genetics, etc).

On to the training:
120 yards on the power wheel, I'll post a vid later, this was brutal.

TGU: 48kg x 1/1 x 5 (elbow didn't love this near the end so I didn't increase weight)
Pistol: double 16kgs x 4/4 x 3 (left knee didn't like me today so I didn't push it)

Double Swing: 48kg+20lbs of chains per hand (total 252 lbs) x 6, 6, 8, 6
Renegade Row: 48kg+20lbs of chains per hand x 5/5 x 4

Farmers walk to the death x 2 sets with same weight.

Muay Thai later.
8/10, solid on the swings but my elbow and knee weren't 100%.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to the Barbell--again!

Have not olympic lifted since august '08. A bad hamstring tear left me weak, demoralized and unable to do anything with my legs. Ready to start up with it again.

Power Clean+Jerk
100kg x 2
110kg x 1 x 5

This was a surprise that I was still able to pull that weight, I guess those double 48kg swings have been doing something after all...

Pullup: 24kg x 5 x 4 (Taking it easy, elbow is almost back to 100%)
Band Pushup: Green x 20 reps x 3 sets
Explosive Heavy Bag Squat + throw and catch: 8 x 4

Pistols: GTG style all day. I'm going to give myself a break from what I've been focusing and deload (while practicing other tricks/skills)

8/10 so far--going to spar later so it could get better.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sleds and strikes

Here's the video:

Thursday Training:
28kg double snatch x 10, immediately followed by a 120 ft sled drag. (I'll post a vid of this soon) 5 sets of that with adequate rest between sets.
28kg double snatch x 5 + 50 yard sprint x 5 sets
50 yard sprint x 3 sets

Finished with a round of pullups and a farmers walk uphill back to the car.

Bent Press + Overhead Squat: 48kg x 5/5 x 5
One arm swing: 40kg x 20/20 x 2

Jiu Jitsu at noon
Muay Thai at 7pm. Lots of striking.
10/10 for the day, body is totally smoked, recovery day tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More fun with tension

Not a brutal day at the gym, at least not at first...
40kg press + OHS 3/3 x 3
Double BU Pistol: 12kg x 3/3 x 1, 16kg x 1/1 x 1
Pistol: Double Racked 24's x 1/1 x 3

Snatch: 48kg x 14/14 w/ wool gloves new PR* by 4 reps per side.
Snatch 48kg x 8/8 I was pretty much toasted after the set of 14

Farmers walk: 48kg + Chains x 200 feet x 1, 100 feet x 1.

Will work on striking later.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Juggling and Sprinting- A powerful union.

Took a 24kg down to the beach today and went to town.
Any and all flips I could imagine and some windmills and overhead squats.

Finished with some sprints. Somewhere in the ballpark of 20 sprints varying protocol.
For example:
10 yards forward, 10 yards backward, 30 yards forward= one sprint
10 yards side shuffle, 10 yards side shuffle, 30 yard sprint=one sprint
10 snatches per arm, 50 yard sprint
10 yards forward, 10 yards backward, 50 yards forward= my favorite

10/10, a rest day on paper but a little extra conditioning is always good.

A new focus

Yesterday was an average training day until much later...
TGU: 48kg x 1/1 x 2
OHS: 48kg x 5/5 + windmill x 4

Double Swing: 48kg x 8 x 5
Renegade Row: 48kg x 7/7 x 3

Farmers walk to pain

Later that night I went to the Compound MMA gym in oceanside.. After a brief tour we worked a few techniques and then sparred. I did very well with the exception of one monster of a man who I later found out was Jason Lambert, a pro UFC fighter. I weigh about 184 currently and he is now around 225+. I'm going to have to see where this takes me. At the very least I have a new reason or purpose for training.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Bent Press:
146lbs x 2/2 x 3
2x24kg kbs held in rack for 1/1 x 3
1 x 24kg kb held in rack for 5/5 x 1

Double Swing
48kgs x 10 x 3
Renegade Row:
48kgs x 6/6 x 3

Clap Pushup +40lbs of chains worn a la bandoleer x 20 reps x 2 sets.

Rolled BJJ for 45 minutes sparring.