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Friday, January 30, 2009

Busy and training update

Right to business:
Presses weren't going well so I hit a few 32kg BU Presses
Double Swing: 2x48's x 5 reps to prep for...
Double High Pull/Snatch: 2x40's x 2 snatches+8 high pulls x 3 sets

Renegade row with feet elevated: 48kg+chains x 4/4
Farmers walk to the death + Ab wheel.
Heavy bag work 7 hours later: 4 x 3 min skill rounds, 4x3 minutes power punching
10 x :15 work/:40 rest punch out drill

Lifted stones. Big F***in stones. In a quarry. Loaded a 300+lb granite clam shell shaped stone that tore the hell out of my forearms. The manliness that ensued was indescribable. A few lift and carries as well. 10/10

"KB yoga" goblet squat, cassock, hindu pushup, windmill, armbar. Kept the weight super light.
BJJ for an hour and a half.
At jiu jitsu something amazing happened; Brad a 250lb black belt caught me in an armbar, but before he could finish the move, I lifted him over my head, just like loading an atlas stone. The surprise in his eyes will be looking back at me in my dreams. It was a great feeling and it tells me that maybe something I'm doing might actually be practical.
Heavy bag drills 7 hours later:
6x3 minute skill practice (kicks and punches)
3x3 minute power punching
10 rounds of:
50 straight punches, as fast as possible
10 dragon twists

The combination of dragon twisting and straight punches really helped me use the power from my legs in my punching. I will experiment more with strength drills+heavy bag.
9/10 for friday.


mark blakemore said...


great blog. I have followed some of your posts through DD. I bought a climbing rope last fall through your urging.

Regarding the bag work, is that sand bag or punching bar? I'm a huge fan of sandbag work and always looking for tips.


Max Shank said...

This is punching bag work. I do a lot of sandbag work coupled with other things as well.

Lots of great combos. I really like picking up and carrying the sandbag for a distance and using jump rope or burpees or something else as an active recovery before I pick up and carry the sandbag again.

Franz Snideman said...

32kg BUP...man this is awesome. I am stuck at the 28kg...but the 32kg is next!

Nice training as USUAL!!!

Terence Mitchell said...

Stone lifting is going to be the foundation of my lower body training this year!

Great stuff!