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Monday, January 19, 2009

A deadlift-Finally!

Started the day like this:
Power snatch
60kg x 3
70kg x 1 x 3
Power Clean+Jerk
100kg x 2
110 x 1 x 2
Failed at 110 for a few reps, which was annoying so I decided to do a few zercher squats when I missed the clean.

352 x 5 x 3, Don't laugh, this is the first time I have touched anything over 300lbs since August of 2008.

Handstand Pushups and Pullups to finish.
GTG pistols all day
7/10 for the day


Adam said...


few people are in position to laugh at your program, your a beast!

Terence Mitchell said...

I agree!

Your groove is just off and when you prime your CNS for the deadlift you will surprise your self!

All those heavy dbl swings, odd objects and crazy pistols will all play their part!