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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Marine RKC and Tire Insanity

Had a blast assisting at the RKC at Pendleton marine base. Did some juggling with the 48kg which was a first. I also Bottoms-up cleaned the beast for about 10 seconds, and believe me, I tried to press it, I really did, but it didn't want to be pressed that day.

That was Thursday-Friday.

20lb sledge, check
20lb weight vest, check
500lb tire, check

Set the gymboss for :45 work/ :30 rest and 25 rounds.
I proceeded to alternate between tire flips, burpees, sledge strikes, and any combination to continue to allow me to keep working.

I really just needed an angry, all-out training session today.


Joe Sarti said...

Great working with you Max and cool catching up and chatting! Go for it brother you have amazing ability

Terence Mitchell said...

Sounds incredible!

I'm so jealous of you having a 20lb hammer! ive searched everywhere for a beast like that but i don't even think they are made in SA.

We must talk about designing a workout/program using nothing but hardware tools ( no weights or kb) call it the farm workout or something.

Tools will be: loaded wheel barrow, sledge hammer, large tire, rope for pulling items, sandbags, and kegs filled with sand or chain bits