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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fight Recap

I won my fight on friday night. Here's how it went down...
The commission was an hour and a half late so there was a delay--no big deal.
My opponent, after watching me warm up, requested that the rules be changed to allow headgear and shin guards. --I was not happy about this.
I protested but the athletic commission cannot force a fighter to fight even if he had agreed beforehand. So I was forced to wear headgear but not shinguards--he wore both. There was fear in his eyes.
The fight begins and I throw a knee to the chest and we clinch up and trade a few knees. I nearly throw him out-of-bounds trying to throw a slingshot knee. My opponent throws a few kicks at my head that I block with my elbow. A minute and 10 seconds in to the fight he throws a right kick that I check with my shin and immediately follow with a left kick to his body, right cross, left hook angled upward and knock him out. With headgear. Everything feels good and I'm looking forward to fighting again.
I feel like my conditioning was good although the fight wasn't long enough for it to be truly tested. Taking the week "off" but I'll do some light kettlebell work.


Boris T. said...

Congrats on the win!

Patrick D. said...

That is awesome! Great work.

: said...

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Al in Vancouver said...

Great work.

Jordan Vezina said...

I would have requested full body armor and a flame thrower.