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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Taking the week off...sort of.

This week is a good off week, but I wanted to make sure I use my time wisely..
Here's what I've been doing...
Airborne Lunges (essentially a single leg squat with non-working leg behind you.
Z drills, Joint mobility
KB swings
Hitting the heavy bag
Next week I'll ramp back up again, but this is a great place to be during my rest week.

1 comment:

Terence Mitchell said...

Hey Max!

Good to hear from you brother!

My deads are going well, but the way i pull i use hardly any leg drive and lots of lower back, therefore i can pull a heavy single ( 260-270) but for reps i such because i smoke my lower back, i also lose my groove for rep pulls..

One thing is for sure when i dead, im very quick off the floor but slow down at knee hight. I guess that is where one is 'suppose' to slow down on max pulls.

left shoulder is completely out of action due to a nerve impingement in my upper spine ( c5 c6 i think)

I can do anything i want with it execpt raise it above my head, can't even press the 32kg bell anymore, so i stopped trying, luckily it does not worry my bending, breaking arts.

R shoulder is going strong, doing comfortable TGU's with 60kgs