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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Post Fight Recap

Had my pankration fight today and my opponent bowed out at 175lb advanced class. So I ended up fighting a really big 187lb fighter. I weighed in at 172.5 so there was nearly a 15lb weight difference!
The head of the competition offered me a refund or he said I could fight this guy. I didn't go there to lose.
This was a true test for me. (note: advanced means that you have been doing pankration for at least 24months--I started in march of this year)
Right from the start I asserted myself landing a lot of quick switch kicks and ended up putting him to the ground with a couple of brutal clinch knees (the referee should have given me a TKO right then but instead gave the guy about 30 seconds to recover). My opponent was definitely physically intimidating at his size (Taller and more muscular) but I was physically dominant during the fight and my clinch was very strong. To his credit he was a great wrestler and took me down a few times but I was able to reverse him powerfully (I credit strong hip and core strength).
In the end I had done a lot more damage and the final straw was throwing him into the judges table and landing a solid kick to his ribs while he was down. Ultimately I am grateful for the mishap because I was more challenged fighting a bigger, faster opponent.
I think my strength and conditioning played a huge part in my victory.

1 comment:

Al in Vancouver said...

Solid work Max.

I think you must have some mental toughness too.