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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tactical Strength Challenge--The Return!

So I decided to test myself, I have no appreciable injuries and I was only a little bit lazy. Here are my scores:
Deadlift: 525
I was very happy with this deadlift because I haven't pulled that heavy in a lonnnggg time. First attempt was at 495 and that felt really good so went straight to 515 and then 525. My form was ugly, no doubt, but this is a MAX MAX lift. 10 lbs shy of triple bodyweight.
Pullups @ 22lbs x 16. This was not great but I'm still ok with it. I actually rested for a good 30 seconds hanging from the bar and squeaked out 2 more reps--probably not smart as it torched my grip for snatches.

5:00 Snatch test @ 32kg
109 reps--Very happy with this, I must confess that my form was less than crisp but I was focusing on easy breathing and flow. It worked out to my favor because I can actually walk today. I also used a GS bell, smaller handle made this much easier.

Deadlift: 525
Pullups: 16
Snatches: 109


Alex Wolf said...

max u gotta stop going to the tsc is not even fair to the other competitors

Max Shank said...

I might do the regular division next time. Too few competitors in elite. I think it's just intimidating to snatch the 32 for five minutes. I know it was for me.