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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Training Update

Last weeks training looked like this:

Ring work (front lever progressions, think heavy pulling)

Pullup x 10
Double KB Front Squat x 10 @ 24kgs
Burpee x 10
Repeated 7 times, resting after Burpees for 1-2 minutes depending on how I felt--I was able to finish fairly quickly

Clean and Press 32kg x 5
Clean and Jerk 32kg x 10
switch arms and repeat on right side
5 swings per arm as crisp as possible
Repeated this little circuit 5 times, I was happy to get the presses on the last set.

Lots of Get-Ups to windmill and many sets of 15 pullups throughout the day.
My goal is to try to build up to around 30 pullups in a row on the straight bar.
I also did a few short sets of one arm swings with the 48kg before going to jiu jitsu.

A few get-ups on each side and then "VO2 Max".
Ok, so it wasn't really VO2 max, but it was challenging. Here's what I did.

:30 work/:30 rest
15 reps per set @ 24kg
For 20 rounds

This was pretty tough, but I was surprised to be able to finish my reps. Felt so happy that I jumped down and immediately busted out 25 burpees to really Finish. Heart rate was 209 after the burpees, but after 1 minute of rest it was back down to 144 so I was pleased with my recovery.

More to come next week, stay tuned...

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