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Friday, March 5, 2010

An update

I mentioned before that I was being secretive about my training to a certain extent and I am sorry about that, but it's going to be on the DVD coming out very soon:

I played around with some stuff the other day that was fun though:

Ring muscle up to handstand pushup x 2 (the hardest part is coming down from the handstand without crushing my face into the floor)

Played around with a lot of bottom up stuff afterward:
48kg BU Clean and hold
40kg BU Squat
36kg BU Press

Finished with 100 burpees as fast as I could and finished in 4:49
Also been doing a ton of Rehab stuff, really dialing in on some thing that I have let go for too long, nothing to write home about but it's a grind and it's making a difference.
BJJ today and maybe some muay thai.

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