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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Swing-Burpee 10-1 challenge

Alternating Ladder 1-10 of burpees and swings. Used the 48kg Kettlebell.
A REAL lung-buster, definitely going to do this again, I got it on video but failed to get the last 2 rounds on tape (battery died). Finished in 3:33.
Then I did some rope climbs about 10-15 focusing on a slow eccentric on the way down (one-arm chin training)

Swam in the ocean for active recovery.


Terence Mitchell said...

hi max

check what ive been up to as of late.

Big influence from Dinosuar training!


Terence Mitchell said...

hey Max

Excellent taming of that bastard beast! i knew your pullups would wake up soon!

I made my first video on my blog, go have a look.

By the way what is a good standard for 2.5" thick bar cleans?

I started them for first time other day and will keep them going for some time.