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Monday, December 14, 2009

My recent training log is going to be sporadic and incomplete. On purpose. I am working on something big and I am not finished experimenting. When I finish the experiment I will publish what I have done and what the results were, until then, I will keep you abreast of 80% of my training.

Warm up with Z, foam roll, windmill, get-ups, and Olympic Lifts

SLDL: 80kg x 6/6 x 4
24kg x 5/5
32kg x 3/3 x 4 (Not used to doing more than one rep so this was good.)

Handstand Pushup x 5 x 5
Renegade Row: 100lbs x 8/8 x 5

32kg swing x 10/10 x 4

1 comment:

Danny Evans, HKC: Jo Evans, HKC said...


I've been doing the VWC program, and I'm curious if doing 80 rounds w/16kg, will allow me to complete the RKC Snatch test w/24kg? Either way, I'll be interested to see how well it translates. Congrats on the 3:30, that's insane!