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Thursday, December 10, 2009

RKC Snatch Test-Revisited.

There are a number of reasons I don't like to do the snatch test. Ok well maybe just one: It's hard. 100 reps with a 55lber in 5:00 is a good measure of fitness. I didn't feel like running sprints today or having to drive just to get a workout. So I came back to my nemesis. I keep a pair of 24kg KB's at home for instances were I don't feel like going out, and believe me, a pair of 24kg bells is plenty for ANYONE to get a good workout. Of course just getting a good workout is not the main goal, but you can accomplish a lot with just that pair of bells. I needed conditioning work, so, enter the snatch test.

The past times I've done it to re-certify and there was no real pressure, I can finish at a slow pace and still make 100 reps in 5:00. Today I wanted to instead see just how fast I could make my 100 reps. So I went as fast as I possibly could.
So I almost killed myself without slowing down and finished in about 3:30. Which, let me tell you, is fast.

The point is, practice is important, but being a well rounded athlete with a complete program will really give you an edge no matter WHAT your endeavor happens to be. I attribute this fast time to my training which is well rounded giving me the strength to move the 24kg quickly, and the conditioning to do so at a constant (fast) pace.
What does your training do for you?

1 comment:

SG Human Performance said...

Nice time Max. Very impressive. I feel the same way about the snatch test. Very important and a good test of what type of shape you are in, but sucks the wind right out of me. My wife Nikki, however, would do 2 per week just for the fun of it.