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Monday, August 25, 2008

Stupid, stupid, stupid...

Barbell: 1
Hamstring: 0

Felt good today even after sprints, then disaster.
Going to pull 450 for a triple, first set no problem (heavy, really heavy, but no problem). Second set, 2nd rep, RRRRRIIIIP! [expletive, expletive] Mother [expletive]!
I was feeling strong today, now I'm just pissed. Should I have called it quits after one set? I guess so. These things happen, I'll live, just frustrated. On the upside, I went to do pullups afterward and:
Weighted Pullup +16kg, 15 reps, 12 reps, 9 reps, 8 reps. Very solid, I think hoping for over 20 at the TSC with 25lbs added.

I'll work on my grip training, seated presses, pullups, and all things that don't involve my stupid, stupid hamstring. Ice and rest, ice and rest...

1 comment:

Terence Mitchell said...

Hey Max

Thanks bud,sorry to hear about your ham those things can be a hassle.

Ya ive been doing a lot of odd type stuff lately because im unable to get to a barbell, I haven't deadlifted for months now but i look forward to it because i feel very powerful in the hips and lower back from manhandling bags and kegs.

The last time I did deadlifts i was working on a cycle of deficit deads pulling 200kgs with the bar touching my feet. I worked up to 5 x 3 reps with this. I hope to pull 260kg x 1 the next time I focus on the dl.

At the mo the focus is repping those bulldogs consistantly in the MP, repping pullups with 52kgs and smashing that bastard #3!!

this will take some time but neither me or the weights are going anywhere ha ha