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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Get up!

Get up variations today, felt awesome. Some of the highlights.
Get up +1/2 kneeling press+Pistol in rack at top position + one leg press 5 per side with 24kg.
Armbar start
Armbar finish
Windmill at top
Bottoms Up
OH Squat negative

On a side note, I played around with the armbars and rotated my shoulder (while keeping it packed, and it felt pretty good--more on this after I get some other opinions but for me it felt solid.)

Later VO2 Max w/ 20kg
8 reps per set :15/:15
I started with nines and my hands started to rip so I dropped down to 8's at 5:00 mark.
Finished at 30:00. Pretty painful, mostly the hands.

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Terence Mitchell said...

Hey Max

Sent you an email!