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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Started weak, finished strong

Wasn't feeling 100%, I'm on antibiotics so I guess that makes sense.
Started off with an O-lifting complex:

Power Clean+Jerk+ 5 Front Squat
2 reps @ 60kg
2 reps @ 80kg
1 rep @ 100kg
1 rep @ 100kg
1 rep @ 100kg

Snatch Grip DL + Power Shrug
100kg x 5 x 3 sets

One arm Chin Negatives x 5 singles per side supersetted with
Turkish Getup
48kg x 1
48kg+10lbs x 1
48kg+20lbs x 1
48kg+30lbs x 1
48kg+40lbs x 1
All the added poundage was with chains, and to be honest I thought my wrist was going to snap.

Finished with a few one arm swings just focusing on good hip snap and posture.

Will probably do some grip/neck work later.

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Alex Wolf said...

Praise from Caesar -alex