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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Too simple? I think not.

Training today was very basic, and if you have ever been to this site before you know that the most simple program is the most effective. I get bored, I admit it, but we need days where we just FOCUS.

Played with TGU's, rolling around, and armbars for 5 minutes with a 20kg. The rolls were very new and different and I can't wait to experiment with them more.

10 rounds on the 2:00
5 x C+P double 32kgs
10 x 32kg double swings

Turned a few double swings into double snatches when I felt strong (last few rounds, last few reps with adrenaline)

Finished with a farmers walk (grip was a main factor)


zevenesh said...

dude, that's an awesome workout, basic, heavy and effective! dig your blog brother, and great article on stone lifting!


Max Shank said...

Thanks Zach, much appreciated.
I've watched your stuff for a long time and can proudly say that you are one of my main influences.