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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Great day

I've come to realize that the most efficient way for me to get stronger is going to be to optimize my movement patterns--hips, knees, shoulders. My training for the next month at least will at least partially reflect that. Right now I have a 500 horsepower engine mounted on a paddleboat shaped like a duck. So...

Lots of mobility
Goblet squat
Hip flexor stretch

Single leg RDL
Goblet Squat

24kg Swing: 50 x 8
TGU: 1/1 x 8

Muay Thai:
Though my strength training will be rehabilitative, I'm still going to bring the intensity on the fight side;
Tonight we had a mini-tournament and I got 2 knockouts (out cold), and a TKO from a leg kick. Combos felt good, movement felt good, punches and kicks felt crisp.

10/10 today.


Terence Mitchell said...

Hey Max

Thanks very much my friend.

My new gym opened up on monday so things have been exciting here. I will post photo's as soon as my loading platform and pullup bar are finished this weekend.

Your fighting looks like its going really well? Do you have any goals with competitive MMA fighting?

Jordan Vezina said...

Good call Max. I'm going through the same thing right now trying to correct my wacky right side and get it to join the team and come in for the big win.