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Friday, February 6, 2009

Training update and notepad:

Tuesday: Juggling, windmills, goblet squats, kb yoga

Wednesday I felt wiped (not enough sleep) so I took it easy and worked some bodyweight stuff, handstands, front lever pulls, skin the cat and gtg pistols.

Did some 3 minute jerk sets with double 32kg, this was my first time at this and it was painful. Averaged about 18 reps, not pretty but I made it the whole time, shows me what I need to work on (flexibility in the rack)
Then some sets with the 24kgs at 3:00 and a sprint to finish at 1:00 I hit 28 reps (very happy with that!)
Then Lifted stones down at mission gorge (mostly stone loading but some push presses) and ripped my forearms up again (awesome).

Friday: KB yoga, goblet squats, 2x24kg jerk sets, 3:00, 1:00
Rolled BJJ for an hour at noon
Muay thai for 2 hours at 7. I got kicked in the head by a ufc fighter tonight which was eye opening, don't worry didn't get knocked out, kept on coming, I was just a bit surprised.
I should probably rest tomorrow

Notepad: We all know to keep track of our workouts, but I am starting to find a lot of value on keeping a notepad handy for all walks of life. I stole this idea from Mike Boyle. In fact, I wrote down the idea for this post in my notepad. I just started this recently but am already seeing the benefits of staying on top of things. If I have a thought, I write it down so I don't have to maybe remember it later. So long story short, you should get a notepad and just write your thoughts down throughout the day. All of them. Trust me it works.

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