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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Stones and a new toy...

Great weather outside today, great weather for lifting stones.
Went down to the beach around 11:00 and lifted stones with Robert for over an hour.
Clean and Press
Zercher Squat/Deadlift
Shoulder Squats
Throws for distance
Carries for distance

My arms were cut up to shreds (these are natural rocks, with jagged edges: That's manly)

Went to home depot today and made my new toy...
For under $30, I successfully manufactured a 2" fat bar with 3" "rolling thunder" PVC handles.

Too much grip work in the last 2 days. my hands are fried just typing this.
Go make your new fat bar, it's cheap.
The making of it was pretty straightforward but if you have any questions let me know.


Mike Pellicio said...

dude those deadlifts at the end looked easy, my max is like... twice that!

VERT said...

Max, the fat bar lifts in the video look great. Can you give me some details on how you built the bar? I'm always looking to add a new toy to the training arsenal.

By the way, great blog. You've got some very impressive lifts. Congratulations on your hard work.


Max Shank said...

It's a 2" diameter 8' long pipe (like a fence post) from home depot. I slipped the 3" rolling thunder style PVC pipes (about 8" long) over to let them sit in the middle. The bar is much longer than a regular bar so this is not a problem if you don't want to use the even fatter handles. 2 clips on each side that used nuts and bolts to screw on to the pipe (so the weights don't slip inward--They are normally used to attach chain link to the fence post.
make the collars as wide as you like.
Pretty straightforward.