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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Training Update:

I haven't been totally inactive, just trying to spend less time with electronics.
Here it is:
Back Squat 5x5, 1x20
Pullup: 3x5
Military Press: 88x3/3x5 sets 106x1/1
Push Jerk: 106x5x3

Stone lifting at the beach+ Snatch intervals

Weighted rope climbs x 3
TGU's 32kg x 5/5

:45 work/ :15 rest for 30:00 of:
16kg double snatch
Knees to elbows/ floor wipers second 15:00 (tactical change as my grip started to go)
Jump Rope

Talk about cardio.

Remember, there is always someone out there who is stronger, faster, and wants it more than you; you must work for it.

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