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Sunday, June 29, 2008


It doesn't always have to take the wind out of you to get a good strength session in.

Between yesterday and today I've done about 50 weighted pullups, over 100 high pulls with the 40kg kb, and a lot of sledgehammer levering. I took it easy from a cardiovascular standpoint but rested often for long periods of time and it let me focus on pure strength. Don't worry too much about your rest periods, wait until you're ready and make sure you give it 100% effort and attention during each lift.
Just practice.

Will do more presses throughout the day with the 32kg while I watch the EURO 2008 Final.
Go Germany!

UPDATE: Decided to give the 10 minutes of 32kg Turkish Get-Ups a try. No idea how many I did, but I'm a believer.

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