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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Tested my body fat% today, clocked in at 9.0%. 185lbs. Not bad at all, I think. I've been cleaning up my diet and working off an idea I call caloric budget.

Today's training

Double 40kg MP x 1 x 20sets
Pullup 32kg x 1/2 x 20 sets

(alternated pullup sets of 2 reps or 1 rep, so 10 sets of 2 and 10 sets of 1.)

VO2 Max :15/:15 w/ 20kg, 8 reps per set

Done. Grip started to give towards the end of the VO2 as I was using mittens.

Tip: When grip starts to give out, your body often will compensate and many of my clients tend to feel it in their low back. The simplest solution is usually the best: Fix the grip, and fix the back.

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