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Monday, October 27, 2008

O-lifting revisited

Tenderly starting to O-lift again--My hamstring injury which (according to the doc, should have taken 6-8 months to heal, which would be the end of Jan 09) had sidelined my o-lifting, is feeling better but not 100%.

Power Clean+Jerk+3 FS
80kg x 2 sets
100kg x 5 singles (6 FS on last set)

40kg x 5 x 3
40kg x 1 x 3
One arm Swing
40kg x 10/10 x 3

10 rounds of :30 work/ :12 rest
Sandbag Clean and Carry
50'x 2" battling ropes

Grip smoked? Check
Lower back? Dead.
Lungs? On Fire.

1 comment:

Terence Mitchell said...

Hey Max

How you doing bud? I can see things are going as strong as always! anyway ive got some interesting news my side so be on the lookout for an email!