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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rest Day

Sunday I usually rest and just have an all-around "take it easy" day. I felt like I needed to do something though, so I did.

MVO2 15:15 w/ 16kg
9 reps/set x 60 sets = 540 snatches
I was going to go to 80, but a callous shredded so I finished with...
Tabata Burpee
:20/:10 8 reps each set
4:00 total: 64 burpees

I don't normally measure HR but I got 34 beats in 10 seconds which comes in at 204 BPM.
I didn't measure my HR shortly afterward but I could tell that I recovered very quickly which is good. Might use cloth gloves next time I do MVO2.

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