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Saturday, October 18, 2008


Yesterday started like a normal day, work, quick lift (just mobility, and some heavy BB windmills), then rolled BJJ.
Took a nap in the afternoon and then it was time for a benefit workout.
UScrossfit was putting something on and I was told it was a good cause and could be "fun."
Not fun.
NOT fun.
Seriously, it sucked.
There were different "heats" and the first workout looked like this
5 rounds:
row 400m
30 wall balls

I looked at that and said, "Thank god I didn't get that one after tabata front squats."
The next one,
30 thrusters w/ 95lbs
30 thrusters w/ 45lbs
60 bw squats
"Lucked out on that one too."

Then it came to my workout.
5 Minutes max Squats
4 Minutes Max box jumps
3 minutes max plyo lunges
2 minutes kb swings
1 minute double unders

"Dear god, why hast thou forsaken me?"

Talk about torture, I managed to get a really strong lead by doing 270 squats, (about a squat every second for 5 minutes). I honestly don't know how I finished that thing, I haven't done a crossfit workout in months and I never touch that kind of volume. What the hell effect?
I ended up winning the competition by a solid 50+ total points which I am paying for right now.
I can only describe the feeling in my legs as a million daggers twisting like a cotton-candy machine, lit on fire, and thrown into a tank of hungry sharks.
No lift today. Maybe not tomorrow. Advil and Biofreeze. And more advil.

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