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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

All Double 32kg's today

Juggling for about 10 min with rest breaks mixed in some double snatches

Gorilla cleans x 10/side x 3 sets w/ shadow boxing active recovery (these were tough, but fun)

LCCJ: 2:00/1:00 rest x 3 rounds felt pretty good here, the rack position continues to be the hardest part grip held up surprisingly well.

One arm Jerk: 32kg x 2:00/side x 1 set (sprint style)
50m sprint x 5
Farmers walk to the death (back to the car which was well over 150 yds)


Kevin Knapp said...

Strong stuff Max, thanks for always keeping your blog updated. Question about gorilla cleans, that when both bells are hanging and just cleaning one side?

Max Shank said...

Just posted a video, should finish processing shortly.

Kevin Knapp said...

Great stuff, thanks Max