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Friday, April 24, 2009

Playing with the Big boys

Today was a slow start with a huge finish:

Lots of Z +Joint mobility warm up

Rope pullup: BW x 10 x 5
6:00 @ 15 rpm one hand switch
5:00 @ 15 rpm one hand switch

Sandbag Clean, carry 40ft, drop, repeat
6:00 nonstop
pick it up, carry it, drop it, pick it up and walk again. This took a lot of mental toughness--sandbag weighs somewhere in the ballpark of 150lbs.

Muay Thai tonight: Sparred with some big dudes today (230, 250lbs) including a guy who is one of Tim Sylvia's (former ufc heavyweight champion, yes that guy) training partners. I'm still alive, landed some solid shots and knockdowns. In other news, I'm down to 179.8lbs.
First fight is May 16th in san diego--should be nice to fight someone who only weighs 175.

1 comment:

Terence Mitchell said...

Awesome work! Thats exactly the training i was talking about! looking forward to seeing you rising thro the MMA scene!