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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I was feeling a bit sore so I took it easy in the gym.
Clean and Press: 40kg x 2 x 12
Wide Grip Pullup: 12kg x 5 x 12
Rest 1 hour for client
UST: 32kg x 10:00 for max reps
Started out by knocking out 10/10/10/10/10 without setting it down as fast as possible--this gave me a good head start.
Then at minute five I begged for death--I was over 120 reps though so I figured it was smooth sailing to 200 total.
I was wrong.
Grip gave out.
Back gave out.
I almost gave up.
Seriously I don't know why I do this. Oh right, Jared Savik. I'm going to be sore for days I already know it. Thanks a lot.
Ended up with 184--I was down to doing 3 on the left side and really gave it hell on the right side to a solid finish the bell stayed in the palm of my hand the fingers hurt so bad.
In other news, I ripped 4 callouses clear off my hand.
184, Jared. 184.

Update: It's a little after 6pm and my hands and body just plain hurt--off to Muay thai. Thanks again, Jared.


Anonymous said...

Good score, Mr Shank! You'll find it helpful to do a 10:00 test run before you go for a "real" score. The UST is all about a non-stop GS style snatch.

Erik said...

Damn, reminds me of the TSC on crack. I just remember my body aching for a week after that. Probably didn't help that I had not touched a 32kg KB in over 9 months...Ya, not smart.

Great score buddy. Give me a little time and let me buy a 32. I will try it.

Oh, I bought a pro grade 16kg. Really nice. Love it.