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Friday, April 17, 2009

50m sprint x 5
KB juggling, single and double 32's

Snatch 28kg x 1:00/side x 3

Double Jerk 28kg x 2:00 x 3

One arm LCCJ: 32kg x 20:00--switched after every 5 for the most part--towards the end I was switching every rep or 2.
50m sprint x 1
Later that day I tore a deck of cards: They were smaller than standard size and it took me well over 5 minutes--bummer, but I did it.

Pistol: 10/10 x 2
Pullup: 15 x 3
BJJ for an hour
BB Complex on 2" bar:
150x5 each of
Power Clean
Push Press
3 sets

Muay Thai scheduled for tonight

1 comment:

Terence Mitchell said...

Hi Max

Thanks very much, im weighing 94 and am now working towards a 270KG pull in 6 months. im not using my legs enough so i need to work on that.

Don/t worry about losing strength, you could lose a tiny bit of limit strength, but its your strngth endurance that counts here. you are entering a fight not a max lift competition.

I'd continue with what you are doing, throw in more sandbag conditioning, sled pushes & pulls and those barbell complexes you seem to enjoy.

i wish you the best of luck.

Im coming to US soon! we will need to meet up and throw some bells around!