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Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm teaching myself to juggle. For the record, this journey began on Monday, April 6th. The initial reason was because a smart person told me that it was a good way to improve my vision. I think that my hand-eye coordination will improve and it will make the mechanoreceptors in my hands more active/agile.
Also it makes you look cool and will probably make women like me.


Witness The Fitness said...

Dude, you looking like a Pro after only 6 days. Nice.

Scott said...

Nice one Max.

Anonymous said...

A quick study, but it'll take more than that to make girls like you...maybe a big red nose & funny shoes?

fooWidget said...

I like you! Susan (certified girl)

Mike Pellicio said...

i like you <3

Max Shank said...

Thanks everyone;
Jared, I'll work on the attire.
Susan, you made my day.
Mike, I like you too- in the most heterosexual way possible.