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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bent pressing my way to a stronger Military Press

Bent Pressing has been great lately. My shoulders didn't feel like bent pressing today. So I went with military presses.

Military Press: 40kg x 3 x 4, 40kg x 4 x 1
Double Swing: 40kg x 10 x 4, Clean x 10 x 1
(I felt like I had to up the ante on the last set, so I hit 4 MP's per arm and did 10 double cleans, felt strong.)

Explosive Heavy Bag Overhead Throw x 4
Sandbag clean x 3
Sandbag Carry x 50 feet
Repeated for 6:00
Followed Immediately by a farmers walk to the pain.
Evil wheel x 2 sets

Felt great today, I will be repeating this workout.

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