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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pistols, Pistols, and more Pistols

A lot of pistols today. Seriously.
16kg pistol: 10/10 x 5 sets
Followed immediately by
one legged deck squats: 10/10 x 5 sets (done as a superset, no rest between, 4:00 between rounds)

Bodyweight pistols: 5/5 x about 10 sets (focused on being explosive, slight jump at top)

Handstand practice (presses, holds, etc)

Give today a 10, because my knee didn't bother me at all.

On a side note, the only thing I've really changed about my knee is positive thinking. Seriously. The brain rules it all; if your left knee hurts, just tell it to be like your right knee. It's strange but that's the only change I've made. Give it a try.

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