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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last 2 days...

Tuesday was a great day...
Went down to the beach, juggled a 24kg KB for about 45 minutes. Then ran a few sprints on the sand (example: 10 yards forward, 10 yards back, 20 yards forward).

48kg Jerk: 8/8
48kg row: 5/5
x 6 sets

Hand to hand swings: 48kg x 20 x 2 sets

15 min break

Keg Clean and Press: 10 x 5
Medicine Ball Slam: 25lbs x 20 reps x 5, done as a superset after Keg Clean and press, with rest between sets (about 2 min until I felt good to go again.)

Keg Twists (I'll make a vid later, this really blasts the midsection.

7/10 today.

1 comment:

Jordan Vezina said...

Good stuff. I need to get me a keg.