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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Maybe I've got it right....

A review left recently by a client of mine.

I'm three times Max's age, and my motto has always been, "I've never been an athlete, but I can always be an athletic supporter." As I've said to Max, "My body is the pedestal that supports my brain," and my typical daily workout is finger exercises on a computer keyboard and keeping a chair warm. But despite my efforts to destroy Max's psyche, he keeps pushing me to do more. Around March or April, 2008, he asked, "What are your goals?" My cynical response was, "To get to the end of the next hour." When I balked about setting goals, he set them for me. So, when I was still struggling to dead-lift half my body weight, Max said, "You're going to dead-lift your body weight by the end of the summer." I thought to myself, "I want what you've been smoking." But by mid-summer, I was actually dead-lifting about 15 lb. more than my body weight. In mid-December, he had me alternate continuously for 15 minutes between pushups and dead-lifting about 2/3 of my body weight, and I did 90 dead-lifts and about 60 pushups. When my aging and aching joints won't respond to the moves he wants me to make, he finds alternate approaches, and the next thing I know, I'm able to do them. He is amazing, and he makes me amaze myself.
Jay - Encinitas, CA

1 comment:

Jordan Vezina said...

That's a good one. I've heard the "Make it to the end of the hour." goal as well. :)