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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A client of mine hit some awesome numbers in her TSC Training so I thought I'd post them here;

Deadlift: 252 (more than 2x bodyweight)
Pullups: 9 (she'll hit 10 for sure in competition)
Snatch: 118 reps (didn't set the bell down the whole time-it was inspiring)
She's awesome, and I'm very proud of her hard work.

On to my training:

Inverted Rope Rows: 10 x 10 sets
Pistols: 24kg pistol 5/5 x 10
Overhead Squat: 5/5 x 10

Then a little complex to finish
10 swings
on the minute
10 rounds. Nice little closer.

Finished with some 2" rack mounted wrist rolls (extension only--feels okay on the elbow)

Off to muay thai now.


Mary Ann Cayabyab said...

Wow. Those numbers are Amazing! Definitely numbers I want to someday reach.

Max Shank said...

You're well on your way with the posts I've seen. Be consistent and smart with your training and it'll happen, no doubt.