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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Took a couple days off but trained a little bit anyway (if that makes sense).

Thursday: Swim 50m, rest until recovered, x 20

Single Leg Deadlift
Hip Flexor stretch

Inverted Rope Row: 10 x 3
TGU: 40kg x 1/1 x 3
BJJ for an hour

Saturday: KB Juggling
Sunday(Today): 10 min set of snatches @ 16kg, easily hit 60 reps/side with good pacing. Grip was the only limiting factor. This was easy on the rest of my body and I was never out of breath so I recovered almost immediately. I'll try to do some variation of this every day at a low intensity to just hit the groove.

I also went to a 2-day movement workshop with Theresa Nesbitt, M.D. at Essential Strength. She is really smart. Like REALLY smart. Anyone in San Diego, (or southern california for that matter) would be well served to work with her.

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