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Friday, May 30, 2008

Anyhow: a new version

Robert Budd showed me a new anyhow variation, and I loved it.

Bent Press into an anyhow, then One arm overhead squat, with one bell in the rack, see-saw press to other side, another one arm overhead squat, and that's it.

I played around with variations of that for the better part of an hour
-multiple getups without letting go of the bells,
-anyhows into overhead walks
-multiple overhead squats
-sotts press into anyhow

Started out using two 28kg kbs, cycled up to using a 40 and a 32---that was brutal.
Minor grip work and then:
Went outside and hit the tire with the sledgehammer for 200 reps as fast as possible

I'll try to get a video soon of anyhow variations, for now check this one.

1 comment:

Terence Mitchell said...

Hey Max

Thanks very much for that motivation for the DBl bulldog press! will let you know when they fall!

Good to see you working the hammer, ive been doing hammer work 2x per week and my wrists are really getting so much stronger!

Keep strong