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Thursday, May 15, 2008


You need to have goals. Bottom line. If you don't have at least a goal in mind when you're training, you are doomed to failure or, even worse, mediocrity. With every rep of every squat you have to know that you're bringing yourself 1 step closer to your goal. Don't waste your time doing things that won't get you there. Pick 3 things, or even just one thing that you want to accomplish in the next 3 months...6 months...year... and then go and make it happen! Too many of us just go through the motions and waste our time, don't let that person be you.

Some of my goals:
Devote more time to zercher lifting (and other odd lifts)
Flip the tire at least once a week for conditioning
Improve my nail bending (more sledgehammer levering)
Spar more in boxing and jiu-jitsu

On a more quantifiable note:
Beast Tamer Challenge (August 08)
One-arm Pullup
Deadlift 600lbs (before 2009?)

There's a lot there but I still want them all. Get stronger!


Terence Mitchell said...

Hey Max

When it comes to setting goals I always make sure I have no more than 3 at a particular time. I keep my goals detailed and specific ie: dbl bulldog MP for 5 reps by 1 Aug 08. In the past Ive had too many vague goals at once and therefore lost my focus.

Im certain you will tame the beast for a few reps when you do your cert!


Erik said...

Solid goals. How much does the Beast Tamer challenge cost and do you need to be RKC to do it?

Max Shank said...

some of those could be called tactics rather than goals.

for me it's mostly pullups and deadlifts.

Erik said...

I can do both the pull up and pistol with it. Press is another story. I'd be game following my oly lifting competition next sunday.

Mike Pellicio said...

Nice goals, Max. I'll take your advice and set a few of my own, good man.

Maybe when you tame the beast I'll have to turn my blog over to you... we'll see!