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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Online Training and pre-fight jitters

I've had a few clients of mine have to stop seeing me due to reasons beyond their control. Our schedules just wouldn't mesh with kids/work/family etc. They still wanted the guidance and care that I could bring to the table in their training. So I wrote out programs for them--it was only fair that I do it for free after their past loyalty. Long story short, they were very happy with the results and told their friends. So I'm going to offer online training for anyone who needs my guidance to reach their fitness goals. One thing I've had a lot of success doing is "making do with what you have, where you are." Even though I have a lot of fun toys at the gym, I've gotten some pretty fantastic results from bodyweight and dumbbells only.

On a personal note, my body is electric right now, weigh ins are in 24 hours and I feel as if I could take on the world right now.


Al said...

You've done the work.

Best of luck in the fight!

Robert said...

Good luck in the fight., from one RKC to another!

Anonymous said...

Make sure the trail of blood is not your own!