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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Power Cleans

Started at 110kg, moved to 110kg+20lbs (no small kilo plates)

Going to start getting video of everything I can. Please comment and be critical, I feel that if I put myself on the chopping block it will either A) Motivate me, or B) Crush my self-esteem.
Either way... as long as I get stronger.


Mike Pellicio said...

whose the jerkoff walking in front of the camera?? let's crush his self-esteem. jk. let's knock the ball around again or get some pick-up going. good work buddy.

Erik said...

The bar path looks solid but, you are pulling with your arms some due to that CRAZY grip you got going. Relax the grip man, you are strong as hell but, O lifting is about finesse and you treat it like an explosive deadlift.

A great example is Vasily Alexeev. He said that he would imagine he was standing in a pool of water when lifting and his goal was to not disturb the water. His movements are so fluid that its beyond power.


Martin Schap said...

Get your elbows up faster on the catch. You are basically catching the bar with elbows down and THEN moving into the correct rack position. Relaxing the grip may help with this. Read Starting Strength by Rippetoe if you haven't already. He did my power clean a world of good.