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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


You have to listen to your body when you train so I took it very light today.

Light kb juggling to warm up

16kg bottom up TGU- 5:00

16kg arm bar

Some H2H clean and squat+ push press
20 reps alternating sides
3 sets

swings "Turkish Windmill Bars"
what's that?
do a Turkish get up, do a windmill at the top, come back down into an arm bar.
great shoulder stability.

if nothing else today was good for some active rest.
listen to your body, and rest when it wants rest.

1 comment:

Martin Schap said...

I have done TGU mills, but never with the arm bar. I will have to add that in some time. I have said that for my money there is no better way to get warmed up quickly than a few TGU mills, but you seem to have seen me and raised me an arm bar.