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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tactical Strength Challenge

One of the greatest things I have ever done. The atmosphere was electric and I was fired up.

Oh, and I got peer pressured into the elite division (thanks guys)

Deadlift: 485 --disappointing because my PR is over 500, I held the bar in a half deadlift for about 10 seconds so I think I'll work some rack pulls for a while and have no problem. It's an embarrassing thing to be able to rip a weight off the ground and not be able to lock it out.

Weighted pullups: 21 with 25lb belt
Felt good 30 next time

Snatches: 100 in 5:00
Here is where it got interesting- I haven't done many snatches with the 32 because it's rough on my hands--and today was no exception. I flew through the first 3:00 and the last 2:00 were pure adrenaline. My right hand tore pretty badly in two places and I was screaming out every rep. I took 1st in the pullup and snatch and 2nd in the DL, which gave me the win overall.
Like I said, the atmosphere was electric. Thanks again to Franz and Yoana for putting it on. Revolution La Jolla

Awesome day. What a feeling. I recommend that everyone compete if they ever get the chance.

1 comment:

Yoana said...

Wow!!! Great Job today!

It was very nice to meet you.

BTW I can not believe how strong you are.... and you are only 20? Wow!