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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tabata's and a new scoring method

Double Snatches w/ 24kgs
1 min rest
Clean and Jerk w/ 24kgs
1 min rest
farmers walks 3 sets near failure

I was lucky enough to have a training partner today to keep score with (normally training partners last about 3 sessions with me), he had never done a tabata before and asked how to keep score.
I decided today that we would take your highest and lowest score and add them up.
I feel that when your lowest score is the only factor, people tend to dog it.

No intensity=no tabata.

Next time you tabata, give it your 100% effort, bust your ass on the first set, and then do the same for the next 7. Remember, your opponent will be doing the same thing.


Mike Pellicio said...

excellent idea on the scoring method. i am all too used to people pacing themselves in a tabata session. why do 25 push-ups on the first set if you end up with 5 on the 8th? well, this is why!

good thinking bud.

Jenn said...

Love your way to "score". So much better than taking the highest or lowest numbers only. Thanks!