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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tire and Sledge

It was about 85 degrees today, and I don't let the notebook control my training or my life so that meant I was training outside today. After a few muscle ups (and some other ring work) and some light kb juggling and mobility work I went to town with the 550lb tire. Fat bar pullups for 5 sets then: 10 flips, 20 sledge hammer swings. 5 rounds. Then a double alternating tabata of flips and sledge swings total: 8 minutes.

Intense. Why waste your time?

1 comment:

Franklin B. Herman said...

First of all, ,my congratulations on your Men's Elite 1st place at the April TSC. Secondly, I went back and read many of your previous posts and I'm simple floored by the intensity of your training sessions.

I'm still cringing regarding your upper cut to the body knockdown. That's scary strong!

I just started sledge training with a 10lb fiber-glass hammer and love it. Now that I have run out of tree stumps I will have to arrange to obtain a large truck tire.

As for tabata I need to increase my base before I try that again .. the last I just did 4 minutes of two-hand swinging with a 32kg and the fingers on my right hand began tingling. It lasted for a month and scared the living crap out of me .. just a case of too much too soon I guess.